SQL in Finance

Learn how to code using Structured Query Language (SQL) for data storage, analysis and manipulation with applications in Finance. SQL is a special-purpose programming language used by a large number of financial organizations



This course teaches students from foundations, with no coding experience required. The focus is on the most common usage of SQL in Finance, providing students with the knowledge required to start writing SQL code from Day One on the job. The course will benefit those looking to gain working knowledge of this powerful and globally-used database programming language, and to develop knowledge of MS SQL Server.

By the end of the course, students will have an essential skill that employers need and feel confident in their ability to write SQL programs to perform many of the day to day functions in a Finance job.

During the program, students will develop several SQL programs which will form part of their portfolio. The portfolio is a valuable addition to a student’s CV/resume, and is a real asset that is evidence of the student’s practical experience and knowledge. This is particularly useful during a job search to set the student apart from other applicants.


Section 1 – Basics

  • SQL Server Management Studio

  • Commenting code

  • Data import/export

  • Table functions

  • Column operations

Section 2 – Data Analysis and Manipulation

  • Selecting data

  • Data filtering

  • Data update

  • Views

  • Functions

Section 3 – Joins

  • Keys

  • Aliases

  • Left join

  • Inner join

  • Full outer join

Section 4 – Advanced Data Analysis and Manipulation

  • Pattern searching

  • Aggregation

  • Mathematical operations

  • Stored procedures

  • Nested queries

This course assumes knowledge of some of the topics in the Market Risk (Finance) curriculum.

Software requirements

  • SQL Server 2017 Express LocalDB (Click here to go to the Microsoft website. Scroll down the page and choose SQL Server 2017 Express LocalDB)

  • After the step above, install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 17.9.1 (download link on the Microsoft website)

Note: This course is taught in a Windows environment. Students using a different environment will have to Google installation instructions for their specific environment. The course is designed for business analysts in finance. It is not intended for IT specialists, computer scientists, or professional developers in finance