About Us

Financial Risk Hub, based in London, England is the world’s premier accredited specialist training provider for current and aspiring Front Office and Risk Management professionals within investment banking.


Financial Risk Hub produces highly skilled and qualified professionals for the financial industry with a focus on investment banks. We offer the Certificate in Finance Business Analysis (FinBA) program, and financial designation. In addition, we run the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Certificate program. We are fully accredited by The CPD Certification Service (same accreditation as the world-renowned Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) program).

Students, and, crucially, financial employers throughout the world, place a premium on the emphasis placed on the practical application of program material in all our courses. All of the programs we offer assume no prior knowledge of finance or coding, making them accessible to and suitable for professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. Our programs can be fully attended online and live teaching sessions for the Market Risk (Finance), Python in Finance, and SQL in Finance courses are held online every week during a cohort.

Our organisation works with professional investment banking recruiters to provide support and guidance to our students. Many of our students have opted to use their specialist knowledge to pursue careers in various employers within the financial industry.

Founded in 2015, the Market Risk (Finance) course is recognised by industry-leading associations – GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals), PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers’ International Association) as well as the CFA Institute. Participants who complete the course are automatically eligible for CPD credits from these organisations which can be applied to their respective FRM, PRM and CFA certifications.

Eligible students in the full (FinBA) program will be awarded the highly sought-after, internationally recognised Certificate in Finance Business Analysis (FinBA) financial qualification. Respected by banks and recruiters alike, the FinBA certificate is evidence of an individual’s thorough knowledge and understanding of finance/Market Risk in practice. The course helps both professionals currently working within a bank as well as those who currently do not, to use their newly gained specialist knowledge to land opportunities within banks, and other financial employers. Students who achieve the FinBA designation are eligible for 40 GARP CPD credits.

Recruiters and employers who need to verify the authenticity of a candidate’s designation should email us here.

Our Python in Finance, and SQL in Finance courses are unique, easy-to-follow, introductory courses which require no prior programming knowledge or experience. Designed to meet the enormous rise in demand for individuals with knowledge of Python, and SQL in finance, participants are taught the practical coding skills required in many roles within financial services. Participants who learn these highly prized skills are more sought after by recruiters and HR departments, thereby increasing both their professional value and career opportunities within the finance sector.

Suitable for individuals seeking to progress their careers, the courses contents provides you with the must-have Python, and SQL coding skills needed to excel in the modern finance sector. With more and more jobs within banks requiring knowledge of coding, adding it to your skill set increases your value to employers, opens up a wider range of career opportunities and provides you with a competitive advantage over your peers.

Our Expert Speaker Series events provide our students continuous learning to ensure knowledge, and skills remain current and relevant to employers. It is an opportunity to attend live talks via the internet delivered by world-renowned experts and academics in finance such as Professor John Hull (co-director Master of Finance, and Master of Financial Risk Management programs at University of Toronto) and others. Each talk will focus on and thoroughly explore a specific topic. Many attendees use the talks as a means to broaden their horizons, deepen their understanding of specialist finance topics and apply the valuable knowledge they learn in their current roles within finance.

Ola Alawiye (ex Credit Suisse, RBC, BMO, Algorithmics…) is the lecturer for the Market Risk (Finance), Python in Finance, and SQL in Finance courses. Ola is a seasoned quantitative finance/risk analytics consultant with over a decade of experience at the world’s leading financial organisations. He currently works for one of the largest banks in the world at the headquarters in London, UK. Ola holds 3 degrees including one in Mathematics and Computer Science, and an MBA from Cornell University (US). He also possesses the highly respected Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) designation, and he attended the Quantitative Risk Management course at Oxford University (UK).

Simon Clift, PhD (Co-founder, Achray Capital Corporation (ex UBS, Scotiabank, OTPP…) is a contributor/code reviewer for the Python in Finance course materials. Dr Clift is a co-founder of Achray Capital Corporation in Toronto. He has 35 years of software engineering and implementation experience have been applied to algorithmic trading, risk management and derivative pricing, for buy and sell side institutions in Switzerland, France and Canada. Simon has published research in financial modeling and high performance computing, and most recently in statistical techniques for monitoring risk management systems.


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