Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the program for?

The Certificate in Finance Business Analysis (FinBA) program is designed for professionals who are pursuing a Business Analyst career in banking and finance, or those already working as BAs within the industry who want to gain more knowledge to make their next career move.

What are GARP, PRMIA and CFA Institute?

GARP is Global Association of Risk Professionals. PRMIA stands for The Professional Risk Managers' International Association, and CFA Institute offers the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. These are 3 of the leading industry organisations in the world of finance/risk management.

What is included in the program?

All students in our program:

1) acquire specialised financial knowledge (on the Market Risk course)
2) learn programming skills (on the Python in Finance course)
3) gain SQL coding ability (on the SQL in Finance course)
4) receive professional recruiter support for CV/resume prep, career guidance etc (as part of Career Support), and
5) get free access to all on-going educational events led by global experts (in Expert Speaker Series).
Students taking the full program can earn the FinBA financial designation

What are the 2 available options to participate in the program?

1. Standard program (no certificate)
2. Full program (with certificate)

See more details here.

How do I achieve the FinBA designation?

You earn the FinBA designation by enrolling in the full program (with certification option), passing all tests/assigned homework, and the Python project at the end of the program.
Students taking the standard program (without certificate option) are not eligible for the certificate.

I am a complete beginner to programming/finance. Can I attend this program?

Yes. No experience is required to attend the program. All the courses in the program (Python in Finance, SQL in Finance, and Market Risk) assume no experience and are taught from scratch.

I am completely new to programming. Do I need any pre-work or pre-learning prior to enrolling?

No. You are welcome to join the program even if you have never written a line of code.

What are the minimum entry requirements for admission to the program?

Bachelor's degree (ideally), experience/knowledge of business analysis, and knowledge of MS Excel.

What is the duration of the program?

The training program runs for 8 weeks in total. There's an additional 2 weeks for students (in the full program) to complete the Python project.

Does the program include live sessions?

Yes. There are live sessions for all courses within the program held every week during a cohort. Questions from students on topics in the program materials are addressed in the live classes.

When is access to program materials granted?

Access is granted on the start date of your cohort.

Will students get a Teaching Assistant?

Each student in the full program will be assigned a TA. In addition to Ola Alawiye, other TAs are sought from some of the best Finance graduate programs in the UK, from universities such as UCL.

Is there a time limit for access to program materials?

No. All students get permanent, lifelong access to program materials. As the materials are constantly being updated and expanded, students enjoy these on-going benefits from continued access to the materials.

I am not a Business Analyst but I work in finance. Is this program useful to me?

Yes. We have had Quantitative Analysts, Project Managers, Analysts, Consultants and QA professionals attend our program. The program is designed solely to equip students with some of the most useful, and in-demand skills and knowledge for a variety of roles in a bank or other financial organisation. Acquiring these skills will most likely be beneficial to your career regardless of your current role.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds since all students immediately get full access to the complete program materials (videos, slides, Python codes, files etc) once the course starts.