Frequently Asked Questions


Who are your training programs for?

Our programs are designed for professionals who are pursuing a specialised career in banking and finance, or those already working within the industry who want to gain more knowledge to make their next career move.

What are GARP, PRMIA and CFA Institute?

GARP is Global Association of Risk Professionals. PRMIA stands for The Professional Risk Managers' International Association, and CFA Institute offers the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. These are 3 of the leading industry organisations in the world of finance/risk management.

I don't live in London. Can I attend your programs?

Yes. All our training programs can be attended fully online. A large number of our participants are from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, and other countries.

Can I take an individual course?

At the moment, students must attend either the full (FinBA) program, or the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Certificate program. These programs each contain multiple courses. We do not currently offer individual courses.

How do I get the FinBA certificate/designation?

You earn the FinBA certificate/designation by taking all the following steps:
1) enrolling in the Full (FinBA) Program
2) passing all tests/assigned homework for all 3 courses in the program
3) completing Python, and SQL code submissions
4) passing the Python project at the end of the program.

Students taking the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Program are not eligible for the FinBA certificate/designation.

How do I get the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Certificate?

You earn the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Program Certificate by taking all the following steps:
1) enrolling in the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Program
2) passing all required tests/assigned homework in the program
3) completing Python, and SQL code submissions
4) passing the Python project at the end of the program.

Students taking the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Certificate program are not eligible for the FinBA certificate/designation.

Is my background right for the full program?

Students who attend our full program come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds ranging from non Finance backgrounds to MSc in Mathematical Finance from the University of Oxford, and PhDs. From a work experience perspective, new University graduates as well as experienced professionals in finance and other industries have successfully completed the program.

I am a complete beginner to programming/finance. Can I attend your program?

Yes. All the courses in our training programs are taught from scratch.

Do I need any programming/coding pre-work or pre-learning prior to enrolling in a program?

No. You are welcome to join us even if you have never written a line of code.

What does the makeup of a typical cohort look like?

For our last cohort: Finance work experience: 0 years (minimum) - 15+ years (maximum) Job level: Entry level (minimum) - Director at an investment bank (maximum) Highest degree: Bachelor's (minimum) - PhD (maximum) Finance knowledge: None (minimum) - advanced (maximum) SQL knowledge: None (minimum) - advanced (maximum) Python knowledge: None (minimum) - advanced (maximum) Locations: Europe, North America, Asia Current job functions: Analysis, Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Development, Consulting, etc Current industries: Various (financial + non-financial)

How do I enrol in a program?

To start the enrolment process, click the "START LEARNING" or "APPLY NOW" button.
(You can enrol in either the full (FinBA) program or the Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance program. Students cannot enrol in both programs at the same time.)

What is the duration of the full (FinBA)program or Coding (Python, SQL) in Finance Certificate Program?

The programs run for 8 weeks. There's an additional 2 weeks for students to complete the Python project.

Do your programs include live teaching sessions?

Yes. There are live teaching sessions for all courses within our training programs held every week during a cohort. The live classes are used primarily to address any questions from students on topics in program materials (recorded videos, slides, Excel workbooks, SQL code, Python code, etc). We also discuss new topics - additional to those mentioned in the curriculum - during the live sessions.

Do live classes take place in a physical classroom or online?

The live teaching classes take place online. We no longer use physical classrooms. Our programs can now be attended fully online from anywhere you are located.

When is access to program materials granted?

Access is granted on the start date of your cohort.

Is there a time limit for access to program materials?

No. All students get permanent, lifelong access to program materials. As the materials are constantly being updated and expanded, students enjoy these on-going benefits from continued access to the materials.

I am not a Business Analyst but I work in finance. Is the FinBA useful to me?

Yes. We have had Quantitative Analysts, Project Managers, Analysts, Consultants and QA professionals attend our program. The program is designed solely to equip students with some of the most useful, and in-demand skills and knowledge for a variety of roles in a bank or other financial organisation. Acquiring these skills will most likely be beneficial to your career regardless of your current role. Recently (Fall 2019), a Director from a Tier 1 Investment Bank attended the full program!

Where is the email I am expecting from you?

We aim to respond within 48 business hours. Please check other folders in your mailbox if our email is not in your Inbox.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds since all students immediately get full access to the complete program materials (videos, slides, Python codes, files etc) once the course starts.

Can you offer me free career advice?

Yes. Please attend one of our info sessions for the FinBA program. We always provide a lot of helpful career/job search information during the session!