Mar 18, 2020 7:00 PM
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Big Data in Finance

by Irene Aldridge, PhD - Adjunct Professor, Cornell University | Online


Irene Aldridge, PhD - Adjunct Professor, Cornell University

Irene Aldridge is an internationally-recognized quantitative and Big Data in Finance researcher, Adjunct Professor at Cornell University and President and Managing Director, Research, of AbleMarkets, a Big Data for Capital Markets company. Prior to AbleMarkets, Aldridge designed and ran high-frequency trading strategies in a $20-million cross-asset portfolio. Still previously, Aldridge was, in reverse order, a quant on a trading floor; in charge of risk quantification of commercial loans; Basel regulation team lead; technology equities researcher; lead systems architect on large integration projects, including web security and trading floor globalization. Aldridge started her career as a software engineer in financial services. Aldridge holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from Cooper Union, and MS in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, and an MBA from INSEAD. In addition, Aldridge studied in two PhD programs: Operations Research at Columbia University (ABD) and Finance (ABD). Aldridge is the author of multiple academic papers and several books. Most notable titles include “Big Data Science in Finance” (co-authored with Marco Avellaneda, Wiley, 2020), “Real-Time Risk: What Investors Should Know About Fintech, High-Frequency Trading, Flash Crashes” (co-authored with Steve Krawciw, Wiley, 2017) and “High-Frequency Trading: A Practical Guide to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems” (2nd edition, translated into Chinese, Wiley 2013). Her recent academic publications include "Neural Networks in Finance: Design and Performance" (with Prof. Marco Avellaneda in the Journal of Financial Data Science, 2019), and "Big Data in Portfolio Management" (Journal of Financial Data Science, 2019). Aldridge presently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Applied Data Science to Finance.

Registration deadline: Mar 18, 2020

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